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1 Xironite

We hold vanilla survival close to our hearts but we provide a lot of 'quality of life' plugins to make playing a little easier and simpler. You may even make some new friendships along the way that will last a lifetime. See you in the game!

10/1000 online
2 Ravinity

0/100 online
3 BluelandsRP Official

BluelandsRP is a Server Network currently hosting a Minecraft Server Network! We are on the latest version of Minecraft.

0/1 online
4 Syndicate  Skyblock 1.8.8 -> 1.14.4

| Syndicate Skyblock | Connect with -> |

0/80 online
5 Akuma Survival

0/96 online
6 ForsakenMC Factionms

3/10 online
7 [1.8.8] Sky Oasis

Sky Oasis is a highly competitive Skyblock & PvP server. It's owned and operated by a small team of long time players who strive to provide a friendly, fun, and competitive atmosphere.

0/400 online
8 AzuraMC

Revolutionary Factions Server. We are here to change the game. Once and for all. AzuraMC or Nothing!

0/300 online
9 BloodHeroes Reborn

A one of a kind faction server!! Join today!!

0/0 online
10 GorcaMC

0/10 online
11 Outland Skies [1.8 Skyblock]

Upcoming Updates: - Battleground Envoys - Monthly Crates - BattlePass - Mob Arena - Gkits Etc!

0/0 offline
12 PickleSMP

Join for a crazy Survival experience

0/1337 online
13 RandomCraft

31/1000 online
14 The Dream Factions | MCMMO, JOBS, ECON,

The Dream Factions is a SAVAGE FACTIONS experience! Now in BETA. Join now for features like AntiCheat, AntiCombatLog, VOTE Crates, Player Auctions, Backpacks, and more!

0/1337 online
15 ZoraPvP

ZoraPvP is an HCF Networ

0/0 online
16 HellMist Network

We have a Creative server with the best features utilising custom plugins to provide the ultimate building and roleplaying experience. We re looking for active Minecraft players who just want to enjoy building on a relaxed creative server. There s large plots and free worldedit. Prison comes soon!

0/0 offline
17 Lettuce Online

New KitPVP Server! Looking for a playerbase and fancy new things to add! Feel free to join and play or just give us some feedback!

0/0 offline
18 The Dream Community | Build Ranks, McMMO

The Dream Minecraft is a brand new enhanced SMP Building minecraft server. We're a friendly community focused on building. Have the best build of the week, you can earn $20-$100 via paypal!

0/0 offline